Little Library

We are located at 402 Sycamore in Hadar.
We’re open 24/7, 365 days a year.  Bring a book and take a book!  Or
take a book and bring it back.  We’re the 2nd Free Little Library in
Nebraska and the 1st “park like” Little Library with a bench to enjoy
your reading before you journey home.  People of all ages enjoy the
library.  Donations of family friendly books, videos, books on CD or
cassette, and large print books are always welcome.  Hadar favorites are
childrens, teen, romance, westerns, inspirational, motivational, large print
and books on CD.  We have been featured in many newspapers, radio
stations, television and even magazines–American Profile and Woman’s Day!
Northeast Nebraska isn’t all who utilize our library.  Traffic comes off
Highway 81 as retirees who travel seek us when traveling from the “Little
Library” map.  We’ve inspired many other Little Libraries to start
across the state as far away as Hebron (3 hours south), and even farther
considering a trip west to Crawford (about 6 hours), to as close as our large neighbor, Norfolk.